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Students understand how and why wind is caused by watching a video and create a list of ways people can use weather to their advantage.

Big Idea

Wind is caused by heat and cooling of the Earth and the rotation of the Earth.


15 minutes

I ask students to sit at their seats and tell them, "we will begin a new lesson in our weather unit about wind by watching a video." 

I say to them, "While you are watching this video and learning about of how wind is caused, I want you to also be thinking about all of the great things that people use wind for. Make sure you are listening to the video and paying attention, because you are then going to work in a group to use ideas to make a list of things that we can do with the wind."



Video and Group activity

30 minutes

I show students this video. 

The reason I chose this video is because the students are very engaged by Bill Nye the Science Guy videos. He is entertaining while teaching concepts.

If needed, I can stop the video at anytime and clarify concepts for students.

When the video is over, I break students up into groups of 4's. I have previously arranged these groups so that I could include a strong writer in each group. Since the groups will be making a list on their own, I need to have at least one student in each group that is a strong writer.  

As I get each group together, I hand the group a clipboard with lined paper on it. I ask the groups to, "come up with a list of as many things as they can think of that humans or animals use the wind for."

I give them about 5-8 minutes to work on this and then I bring them back together as a group at their tables.



10 minutes

To close this lesson, we compile an anchor chart as a class with all of their ideas on it. The anchor chart is labeled "Wind"

Having this anchor chart reminds us the people can use weather to their advantage.