It's All in the Dirt!!!

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SWBAT learn about decomposers and their importance in soil.

Big Idea

Changes within ecosystems can happen quickly or slowly. Those changes can impact the outcome of a an ecosystems survival. Decomposition is a slow change that affects soil.

Setting the Stage

5 minutes

Washington State has adopted the NGSS, however, they have chosen to implement them in a transition phase setting.  For this reason, teachers are expected to continue to teach towards the state standards and begin to move towards this NGSS.  This lesson allows teachers to pull in both state and NGSS elements.

This lesson follows the lesson on Bananas and the observation of decomposition. The Banana lesson demonstrates the process of decomposition and allows the children to watch it happen in a quick fashion.

During this lesson, students take that information and learning from their observations and apply it to the rain forest and soil. This lesson addresses Washington State Standard 2-3 LS2C. It focuses on changes within ecosystems, slow, gradual or rapid changes.  Decomposition is exactly that, a slow change. It also ties to the Cross Cutting Concept of Stability and Change. 



15 minutes

I ask the children to look at the screen. My Power Point is prepared and ready to go....






15 minutes