Technology and Our Environment

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Students will be able to explain how the use of technology impacts the natural environment.

Big Idea

Students will learn about dams and their effects on the environment.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin the lesson with a whole group discussion. I will ask the students to share what they believe a dam is. I will ask them to elaborate their thinking when sharing their ideas to help to provide clarity to the other students. Having students share their ideas helps to activate knowledge within the other students while promoting a classroom culture of respect. I will distribute the "What I Know and What I learned" Organizer to the students. I will direct the students to record what they already know about dams on the sheet.

I will provide time for students to get their chrome books to research images of dams as well as the basic functions of them. Some sites I will direct students to are: Britannica Kids: Dams, and the Britannica Kids: Aswan High Dam. Allowing students to use their chrome books keeps the students engaged, while incorporating technology within the lesson. This lesson is a great approach to introduce the students to applied technology and how one can research facts about the environment accordingly. I will remind students to complete the What I Learned section of their recording sheet.


25 minutes

Students will return back to the carpet to share their findings. I will ask students to share what they have learned about dams from their research. I will ask students to explain how dams are an example of technology. In their explanation, I will encourage them to elaborate while focusing on what natural resources are impacted by this technology. 

I will pose a scenario to the students to think about. I will inform the students that our school is being rebuilt near a river. The County Government has asked us to design a dam to stop or change the flow of water in the river so that the water is directed away from the school building.

I will provide the students with the Stopping Water Resource. Students will use this resource to record their plans and to design their dam.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Once complete, students will be given the opportunity to share their work. As students present, I will remind them to elaborate to ensure that they are communicating their ideas for other students to understand their design clearly. I will ask students to share what natural resources around our school would be impacted if we were to really construct a dam near our school.