Using Natural Resources Wisely Scavenger Hunt

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Students will be able to identify products that are used to deplete natural resources.

Big Idea

Students will go on a scavenger hunt around the building to identify depleting natural resources. They will create posters to remind the school community to be more mindful of our natural resources.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin the lesson with a class discussion. I will ask students to share their definition of the word depleting. I will use depleting in the sentence, to help the students identify the meaning using context clues. Giving an example helps students to identify the meaning of the word without me giving the answer away. It is very important for students to understand the meaning of depleting because for the lesson they will have to identify how resources are being depleted because humans are not using them wisely.

I will reveal the definition of depleting as to use up the supply. I will inform students that some times natural resources can be depleted because of human use. I will ask students to share how they think humans deplete natural resources. What are some things that they do? I will allow students an opportunity to share their thinking.


25 minutes

Next, I will share with students that we will be conducting a scavenger hunt to find any products or resources that may be depleting within our school such as running water in the bathrooms or lights left on in empty classrooms, lawn mowers that are run on gasoline being used on the school grounds, or even plastic bottles in the trash cans). 

Students will record their observations on the scavenger hunt recording sheet as they walk around the school building.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Upon returning to the classroom, students will have a seat on the carpet to discuss their observations. I will ask students to share where they saw examples of natural resources being depleted.

I will allow time for students to share their observations with the class. I will encourage the students to explain why they believe the natural resources were being depleted; was it to satisfy a need or want?

Lastly, I will encourage students to share how we as a community can help to save the natural resources that we are depleting. We will discuss the benefits of turning off lights when exiting a room, recycling plastic bottles within the building to preserve the life cycle of the product, and turning on water only when rinsing your hands.