Natural Resources

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Students will be able to define what natural resources are.

Big Idea

Students will work together to complete a frayer model to deepen their understanding of natural resources.

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin this lesson with a whole group discussion. I will direct the students to think about what they already know about natural resources. I will encourage the students to share their ideas with an elbow partner. Allowing the students to share their ideas, helps the students to recall information that was previously taught in second grade. Students will be able to build off one another's thinking, when given the opportunity to share their thoughts.

I will ask students to share what they believe natural resources are. Together, we will complete the Natural Resources Frayer Organizer. Introducing the Frayer model allows the students to organize the vocabulary terms well. We will use the electronic resource from Britannica Kids to assist in providing the definition.


25 minutes

To begin the explore section, students will transition to their seats. I will distribute the Learning about Natural Resources Worksheet to the students. I will explain to students how to complete the organizer and what the expectations for proficiency are. The graphic organizer is another great resource for the students to identify and apply their knowledge to the three facets of natural resources.

Students will be instructed to list the natural resources that they observe in the video. They are to identify if the resources are inexhaustible, renewable, or nonrenewable.


Students will view the video resource from Discovery Education Learning About Natural Resources. Once the video has concluded, and students have finished their worksheet, I will direct students to discuss with their table groups the information and the new ideas they gathered from the video resource. As students share ideas, I will observe the discourse and ask probing questions to ensure students understand the difference between the different types of resources.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To conclude the lesson, students will transition back to the carpet for a final class discussion. I will lead a class discussion about the different types of resources that we learned about today. I will encourage students to share what they have learned about each resource.