Energy Resource Presentations

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SWBAT locate specific information about an electricity source.

Big Idea

How can you use research to build your understanding of an energy source?


45 minutes

After two full periods to prepare (see Researching Energy Presentations), most students were ready to present.  I reviewed the criteria using the Presentation Rubric, and explained that their role was to take notes about just the most important ideas:

  • Where it comes from
  • How it works
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

I showed them my Nuclear Notecard again, and suggested that this was probably about what they would need to write down in their science notebooks during other students presentations.  I told them they could also do a quick sketch to help them understand an idea if it would be more efficient than writing.

I chose not to allow student questions for two reasons.  First of all, they were not required to know all the the technical details of how their source worked, so any question would likely be too deep for them to answer correctly.  Secondly, I know I have some students that would have kept asking for questions to be repeated until they had written the presentation word for word.


10 minutes

While students were presenting I kept track of their key ideas, and used them to create Energy Sources Quiz. You'll want to give your students some time to process the information in order to prepare for the quiz.  You could have students write review questions to quiz each other, or something game based, such as Socrative's Space Race or Kahoot to increase student engagement.  I reminded them to use their science notebooks as a resource, because they should have written down the key ideas.