Bring Attention to the African and Asian Elephants Through Poetry

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Create a Cinquain Poem to bring attention to the African and Asian Elephants.

Big Idea

Sharing an endangered animal's attributes through poetry can bring attention to the the need for conservation.


1 minutes

Warm up

5 minutes

We have been completing a unit  on elephants and their adaptations. My students have been reading that though elephants have both structural and behavioral adaptations, their ecosystem is being threatened by human population. These stories stirred a passion in my students to want to bring attention to the challenges faced by elephants.  In our previous lesson, they created posters and then public service announcements, but now they wanted to take it one step further with poetry.


Guided practice

15 minutes

I created a PowerPoint, Majestic Elephants Cinquain Poems,to use during my mini lesson on how to create a Cinnquain poem. We also visited to read Cinquain samples. I felt that providing samples and modeling helped my students during this lesson.


30 minutes

I created,a Cinquain Elephant Poem Organizer, to provide my students with scaffolded support if needed. The students used their notes and vocabulary discussed from throughout the unit to help them create their poems. Here are some samples of the finished poems, Poem 1. and  poem 2.

Class Discussion/ Wrap Up

10 minutes

The students shared their poems with each other and then the school. We even created a Poet-tree in the hallway and shared our poems with the school. Here is the completed poetry display.