Movie Pamphlet: Review

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SWBAT review and check their understanding while watching a comprehensive video.

Big Idea

Watching a good science video can help students take their learning and connect it to more abstract or hard to create opportunities within the school. Taking good notes is an essential part of learning and practicing with a movie makes it more fun.

Video Pamphlet for Notes

10 minutes

Students will be creating a movie pamphlet full of cool science notes. I have students begin by folding their paper into thirds. Each section will hold various information that relates to what they are watching. In section one, connections to prior knowledge will be listed here. This can include connections to experiments, readings, and discussions we have had in class. The second section is on new learning. Students can list any new ideas here to share later. The final section is for questions that might come up as they watch. This might be the least developed section, but I talk often on how questions come up when we learn and we might need to answer them for our brain;s satisfaction. 

Watch and Write

30 minutes

While students watch the video they will fill in their note sections. I walk around the class to see if I can help anyone, and to check on students who might need further clarification on what to do. I encourage students with special needs to draw or take quick notes to help them remember what they saw. It might be an image that relates to learning, and they would draw that instead of words. 

I do remind students to focus their notes on animal structures and how they use their variations to survive. Any notes can be drawn or they can focus on the characteristics that make animals and plants unique. 

Tying it All Together

5 minutes

To complete our learning, and to close, we discuss what they wrote. I start by having them share each section with their elbow partner. We do this a section at a time and then students bring back their learning to the whole class discussion. This process allows the students to share what they connected and learned with each other, but then they validate each others learning by sharing it with the class. As a class we can confirm what we wrote and add anything to our thinking if needed.