Using the Force

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SWBAT apply force to determine the effect it has on waves.

Big Idea

Waves are impacted by factors and one of these is force. Students will determine how the amount of force changes a waves behavior.

Expectations and Set Up

15 minutes

To set the lesson today we begin by reviewing what we learned from our last experiment on waves in water. Students conducted experiments to see the amplitude and frequency that waves can have when dealing with various masses. Students can use their science notebooks to help them answer if they need to.

Introducing today's lesson was done through the introduction of materials. Students are split into groups of three. Each group will get some tape and Q-tips. They will use their science notebook to build a Q-tip strip. I explain that this strip will be used to conduct the experiment and will be our wave model. To help them with building their model, I have completed one for them to refer to as they work in their groups. I split the groups and let them build. 

Try It Out

10 minutes

Groups build their tape models and when complete are ready to record their data. I choose a student to help me. In front of the class I model how they will conduct the experiment. Two students will hold the tape model and try to create a wave by moving their arms up and down. The other student is the observer. They will observe and explain what they saw to the group first. 

Each group will need to use different force of their arms to create different waves. They need to take turns in each role and also record their findings into their journals. When they record into their journals I make sure that they include a picture of the wave to show frequency and amplitude. 

Connect and Discuss

10 minutes

With drawings and findings added to the journals, we can now bring the groups back together to connect their learning. I start by asking about the waves in general. They need to then connect this to how force created various waves. Students are given the chance to go back and forth discussing and I facilitate the discussion. Students begin to connect how more force will effect their wave.