Arthropod Museum

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SWBAT sort and classify pictures of arthropods using their notes on their structures.

Big Idea

After learning about the structural differences that classify arthropods, students use their notes to sort these animals. We pretend that the pictures we are using are for a museum exhibit and they are called in to get the display right.

Review Our Notes

5 minutes

With a review of our notes we will be ready to begin. I ask students to turn and talk with their partner about their notes and review each box. Within each box was a different arthropod that we had previously learned about. I ask student to read threw their notes and play an abbreviated version of "I Spy." Students will give a clue for one of the arthropods and the other will look through their notes to name the type. They can take turns doing this as they review.  

Display Worthy

20 minutes

As the final activity, I make up a sorting game that can be completed on white boards. I tell students that we are going to sort arthropods for a museum. They need  to draw four boxes to represent the display cases, and label them with the four types of arthropods from our notes. I will give students the name of an arthropod, and they will then tell me which display case it would go into. When we complete the sort, I then ask them to classify each box without using their notes. 

Some students asked to use their science journal instead of their white boards. I thought this was a great option as long as they were drawing their arthropods on a new piece of paper. Many of my students chose to do the classifying activity this way and not on white boards.