Wave Lab Stations, Day 2

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Students will be able to identify the wave phenomena occurring at various lab stations.

Big Idea

Students will be able to identify the wave phenomena occurring at each station in the lab.

Finishing Wave Stations

35 minutes

The goal of this lesson is for students to be able to look at simulations or lab stations and determine the wave characteristic exhibited. This lesson really focuses on students being able to take what they learned from the jigsaw presentations in a previous lesson and apply those ideas to different situations. My goal for the students is for them to be able to identify each wave characteristic/phenomena when given a real-life example. Since this is a lab, students use their carrying out an investigation skills in multiple stations (SP3) as well as looking at data and determining the wave phenomena that they see (SP4). This lab includes using the wave equation at station 1 (HS-PS4-1) and using what they learned about wave-particle duality at station 4 (HS-PS4-3).

Students continue their work on the Wave Stations Activity that they start in the previous lesson. Students have a maximum of 4 stations to complete in this lesson since they finished at least 2 stations in the previous class period. I allow students to work at their own pace with their partner so that if there are some stations that they need more time for one station they can spend it there. As students work on completing the lab, I walk around to make sure that they are on the right track and are completing each station correctly. Some student work is shown below.

If students complete the lab before the rest of the groups, I tell them to work on the Waves Review Packet to help them prepare for the upcoming test. Answers are uploaded to my website for students to check prior to the test.

Identifying Wave Stations to Match Wave Charateristics

15 minutes

After all of the groups have finished, I have students look at a table on the board that lists all of the wave characteristics/phenomena that we have discussed during the unit. I ask students to spend a few minutes with their partner trying to identify which station represents each wave characteristic. After they spend a few minutes discussing with their partner, I ask for volunteers to share what they got for each wave characteristic and I draw a picture of that on the board. We talk through each characteristic and I have the students explain how they know which station shows each wave characteristic. I do this so that students can process why they did the lab and how it relates to what we've learned in the unit. 

Last Look at Wave Learning Targets

10 minutes

To end class, I have students look at their Unit 6 Learning Target Sheet. I ask students to read through each learning target and rate where they think they are on a scale of 1-4 (1 being novice, 4 being expert). As they look through their learning targets, I have them ask questions if they are unsure how that target might appear on the test. Finally, I ask students to look at the targets that they rate themselves lowest on. I tell students that they should focus on those targets as they study for the test, since those are the concepts they do not feel as confident in. This is a great way to end the lesson and to make sure that students have reflected on what will be on the test in the next lesson.