Google Drive: Body System Presentations (Day 2 of 6)

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SWBAT incorporate their research data into a collaborative Google Drive Presentation that will be used to inform their peers on the details of their selected body system.

Big Idea

Technology makes Biology more fun! Students will use their tech skills to create an informative and entertaining Google Drive presentation.

Hook - Which Body System Reigns Supreme?

5 minutes

This lesson is a follow-up to the previous lesson.

Students have completed their initial research to complete their Body System Research project in the previous lesson.   As an anticipatory activity students need to respond to the following question: "Which body system is most important in maintaining homeostasis and why?"

Many students were compelled to select the body system that they selected for their group research project, while others took a more practical approach and flipped through the textbook for information.  After a large group discussion, the students overwhelmingly believed the nervous system was most important to coordinate body functions, BUT the students decided that EVERY body system was essential to maintain homeostasis and keep the organism healthy!  (Their teacher agreed and was very proud of this conclusion!)

Student Work Samples - Most students realized that ALL human body systems are equally important and need to function properly to maintain homeostasis, but a few students identified the nervous and circulatory systems as most important.  This was a great question for students to ponder and led to a in-depth class conversation where students realized the importance of ALL body systems.  



Direct Instruction - Establishing Expectations and Objectives

10 minutes

Students are challenged to create informative and entertaining presentations that will be presented to their peers in the next lesson using the gallery walk strategy.  In the spirit of NGSS, students will also be creating a 3D model of their body system or students may elect to choose an important organ in their body system to replicate.  Students will have to be able to describe the function of their organ/system and explain how their system integrates with other systems in our human anatomy.

Students are reminded of their Google Drive login information that was created through our District.  The district-wide access to Google Drive improves student communication when working on group projects and decreases the technical troubles of students' home versions of different presentation-making software.  Please view the Reflection about Google Drive for more details on how Google Drive is implemented into my classroom instruction.

Students will also receive the Body System Research Project Handout in an effort to make the performance expectations for this project clear to each student.

Students will have an opportunity to ask specific questions and receive clarification on their group presentation as the teacher rotates around the room and conferences with each group.


Guided Practice - Google Drive Collaboration

30 minutes

As students worked in their collaborative groups the teacher rotated around to each station in an effort to conference with the student and determine the group's progress.  Students were able to ask questions or get clarification during these informal conference sessions.  The mini-conferences are a valuable tool to build relationships with your students and demonstrate your support and interest in their learning/success in Biology. 

The video clip gives an example of how student groups divided up the work for Google Drive project creation:

Close - The Highlights of Research

10 minutes

At the conclusion of today's lesson, the student-groups are nearing completion of their Google Drive presentations.  As a quick review to highlight the main points of learning students were asked to discuss the THREE most interesting facts they learned from their research in their small research groups.  It was interesting to see that the students who belonged to the same research group did NOT select the same facts.  This goes to show that our students are as diverse as the content we share each and every day!  

Reminders: Students were reminded to put the finishing touches on their Google Drive presentations so they are ready to present to their peers in the next lesson.

Students are also reminded that they need to create, label, and be able to explain a 3D model that depicts their body system or one of the most important organs in their selected body system.