What is Pollination

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SWBAT define what pollination is and draw a picture to describe it.

Big Idea

Pollination is what allows plants to reproduce. It is one aspect of plant growth that students may not be familiar with.

Teacher Background

The Next Generation Science Standards state that students should create a model to show how animals help with the pollination of plants. Before they can create that model, students should understand what the term pollination means.

This lesson is a quick overview of pollination to give the background for the understanding of what pollination is.

Sharing A Powerpoint

15 minutes

I want students to have some understanding of the term pollination. I have chosen to create a short power point that will give them a visual representation of the pollination process. The purpose of the power point is to give students a brief introduction to the term pollination and what it means.

I project the power point presentation on the board and go through each slide talking about the process and taking questions and comments from the students. I try to answer their questions as I project the slides. My goal is to make sure that the students gain a basic understanding of pollination.

Making a Model of a Flower

20 minutes

Now that students have seen the power point presentation, I bring out tissue paper, construction paper, and pipe cleaners. I demonstrate cutting out the leaves, stamen and pistol from the construction paper and taping them to a pipe cleaner. Next I cut out several strips of tissue paper about 2 inches wide and cut the tops in scallops. I wrap the tissue paper around the popsicle stick so that it is not too tight, then I pinch in the bottom and tape it to the pipe cleaner so that it forms a flower around the stamen and the pistol. I tape leaves on the stem of the flower.

I give students the materials and allow them to make several flowers.

Once the flowers are made, I have several paper bumble bees and some glitter. I allow students to take the bumble bees to someone else's flower and sprinkle some glitter (the pollen) on their flower.Pollinating the Flower We continue this until everyone has had a chance to pollinate a flower. (Students can use a glue stick to make the pollen stick to the flower.)

We end the lesson by discussing the term pollination. I ask, "can you tell what it means to pollinate a flower?" I let students respond as I assess their understanding of the term.