How Not To Give A Class Presentation

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Students learn the important components of an oral presentation.

Big Idea

Students learn what is important to remember to include in a class, oral presentation.

RAP - Review and Preview

5 minutes

I call students to the gathering area and I tell them that today we are going to spend our time doing things we are not supposed to do! When the roaring dies down, I tell them that today we are going to make a class, public service announcement about how not to give a class presentation. I tell students that we will be using the iMovie App and making a 30 second trailer about all the things people do wrong when giving a presentation.


I do this to teach presentation skills as I have spent many years teaching students how to give presentations and still get the majority of students standing up in front of the room looking down at their notes and speaking so softly we cannot hear. If we make fun of these things, students tend to remember them better and remember how they hurt their delivery of a quality speech.

Guided Investigation

10 minutes

We brainstorm together all the silly things that people do that detract from a good presentation. I hold up note cards right in front of my face and mumble the words. I stand up and look at the board with my back to the audience and give information. We make a list on the board that will give us ideas for our iMovie.

Group Investigation

30 minutes

After our brainstorm, I divide students up into groups to make a segment of the video. They are to produce a flawless 5 second segment of their presentation mistake. They can film on their phones, iPods, or my iPad and then share it with me via GoogleDocs for final production. I usually have one of two techie students who I assign to compile the footage into iMovie. If we have too much footage, we can also make more than one commercial.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

We meet together in the gathering area and discuss how useful a non-example is. They often make students laugh, and engage them more in their learning. We watch the movie together.