Research - Narrowing The Topic

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Students will narrow their topics and find sources of information.

Big Idea

Students will learn how to narrow their research topic and begin the online research process in a safe online environment.

RAP - Review and Project

3 minutes

I call students to the gathering area. We review the different topics that were chosen last lesson. I tell students that today I am going to help them begin their research by creating keywords and search terms.

Guided Investigation

30 minutes

Students move to computers, on a laptop or in the computer lab. Students sometimes get overwhelmed by the research process. I have found a Research Process Website that offers students a guide to the research process. This website is interactive so that students can get more in-depth tips and help along the way. I give students some time to play with the website before we begin our keyword adventure.

I call students attention again, I have previously loaded a website link onto my class webpage, which offers students a search engine that is web safe and vetted by experts. The search engine is Sweet Search. This website weeds out clutter that often turn up in Google searches. It also pulls text from the websites for an annotated search and highlights the keywords. This allows students to make choices about which websites to use without having to go to each website.

Students make notes as they conduct their research I suggest that students use stickie notes on a large sheet of paper. This way they can keep track of their information and move information around as they organize their written report.

Independent Investigation

15 minutes

Students pairs begin their research on the topic they have chosen. They write their notes on stickie notes and place them on their note organizer.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

I call students back to the gathering area. I ask if there are any groups struggling to find information. I ask students if they need any specific assistance with search terms or note-taking.