Lunch Box Design Challenge Pt. 2

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Students will be able to test their lunch boxes and modify any necessary elements to enhance their design.

Big Idea

Students will place a frozen water bottle and a cup of warm water in their lunch box invention. Students will test the temperature of each object over a period of time and share their designs with the class.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

This lesson will begin with a group discussion. I will remind students of the objective for this challenge. The lunch box designs must be able to keep a frozen water bottle cold and a cup of warm water warm. I will direct students to their designs. I will instruct each group to review their engineering and design packets and determine if any modifications can be made to their designs.


15 minutes

As students work on their designs, I will instruct them to complete the remaining steps in their Engineering and Design packet. Groups will receive a frozen water bottle, a cup of warm water, and a digital thermometer. They will keep track of the temperatures in their science journals. I will allow students to continue to make modifications to their design as they work.


Wrap Up

20 minutes

I will provide the opportunity for students to share their lunch box designs with the class in a Student Inquiry and Innovation Conference. This strategy allows students to explain the reasoning behind the materials used in their lunch box design. It also provides the students an opportunity to share the originality of their designs.

I will encourage students to ask questions and give feedback to their peers. This will promote a classroom community where students feel comfortable sharing ideas and supporting their thinking.