Eye Balls On-A-Stick

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Students will build and explain the components of a model of an eye as a performance assessment for the unit.

Big Idea

Students will be able to reproduce, identify, and explain the function of the different parts of an eye.

RAP - Review and Preview

2 minutes

I call students to the gathering area. We review what we know about light, the visible spectrum, how animal eyes differ in function from our own, and how our eyes function. Today I tell them that we are going to review all this information by building an eyeball with food.

I tell students that this assignment is an assessment of what they know, so I will give them the ingredients and they will have to use them to make a model of the eye.

I show students an un-iced cake ball on a popsicle stick. I show them butter icing, food coloring, colored food gel, candy such as Junior Mints, Milk Duds, shoelace licorice, fruit-by-the-foot.

I tell students that they will need to use their information in their science notebooks to ensure they build a model that shows as many features of the eye as possible.

Independent Investigation

30 minutes

I send students back to their workspaces. Students need to plan their eyeball model before picking up materials as they only have one try at it. I give students 30 minutes to plan and build their eye model. Before eating it, they must describe each component of their model and how it functions as part of the eye.


15 minutes

I will assess the eye model for presence of different components of the eye and student’s ability to describe the function. I use the assessment checklist to grade students.