Nature Outings: Interdependence

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SWBAT read various clues to determine how animals and plants help each other to survive.

Big Idea

Interdependence in nature is often something that we do not think about when it comes to nature. Students will get to play a game where they understand how interdependence relates to the animal and plants structure and survival.

Producers and Consumers

15 minutes

Plants and animals depend on each other to survive. To review some of the relationships we have explored, I ask the class to think back to our discussions on air we breath and how when we exhale we in turn help the plants. I want to review this and give the name of producer and consumer to our description. We are then going to add these terms  to our science journal. 

Scenario Web

15 minutes

In order to understand how interdependence works I begin by writing the word on the board for them to put into their journals. To help them see the bigger picture, I ask them to help me as I tell a story of a pizza. Pizza is a food that we eat and the dough from that pizza is made from wheat. Wheat is a plant that grows because of the sun. In order for the wheat to grow it is dependent on the sun for energy. Therefore, we have to the energy of the sun in order to eat a wonderful slice of pizza. 

I now ask students to work with their elbow partner and think about the wheat again and another animal like a caterpillar. I want them to connect how caterpillars are dependent on the wheat and to try to connect it to a cycle. Each pair is given time to discuss this. We then go over this as a class and then brainstorm together other interdependent relationships. 

Connecting Survival to Interdependence

10 minutes

To practice, I found a worksheet where students have to think about the relationships of plants and animals. Students will read a clue that identifies an interdependent relationship. They will then use the clue to identify the animal or plant that it relates to. We complete the worksheet as a class and talk about each relationship. Toward the end, I ask them to try to take the connection to another interdependent relationship.