Fossil Webquest

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Collaboratively research information about fossils using the internet and gathering at least 13 out of 15 facts accurately.

Big Idea

Scientists research fossils in order to provide evidence of the organisms and the environments in which they lived long ago.


1 minutes

Warm up

5 minutes

Almost all students are fascinated with fossils and mine were no different. I started this lesson with one leading question, "what are fossils?". That opened the discussion and set the stage for this unit. We created a K-W-L chart to help us answer these questions.

Guided practice

15 minutes

I wanted to give my students an overview of fossils.  I wanted them to learn new content vocabulary in a way that was engaging and kept their interest peaked, that is why I created an Intro to Fossils Webquest.  We reviewed each section before they began and then in groups of 2 they started their quest.


30 minutes

As the students go through the process of gathering the information, I circulate through the groups as a facilitator to the task. We have reviewed the Introduction to fossils webquest Rubric,  and they know that the webquest is not only about gathering the information but about working collaboratively, that is why working together and being focused on the task is included as part of the rubric score.

Class Discussion/Wrap Up

10 minutes

After the webquest, I felt that it was important to focus on any new or surprising information that the students may have come across. We did not go over the answers on the quest until the next day when I had finished grading them, this way, the students would be able to reflect on what was accomplished today instead on whether they were right or wrong.