What Is A Biome?

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SWBAT identify the main kinds of biomes across the globe.

Big Idea

Students read nonfiction text and answer questions about biomes.


5 minutes

Teacher Tip: Students will become familiar with the components of a biome through a mini-research assignment, addressing RL.6.1 and MS-LS2-3. You will need internet access for the students to complete their research.  

To begin this lesson, students will reflect and answer the following prompt in their student notes sheet

ENGAGE: What is a habitat? Give an example.


10 minutes

Students now receive a copy of the EXPLORE reading that they will read independently and answer the following prompts on their notes sheets: 

EXPLORE: Read about biomes and answer the questions below.

(2) Why is climate really important about a biome?

(3) Why can humans live in most any biome?

(5) What are the 8 different types of biomes?

Before the lesson, I number the paragraphs #1-5 (including the caption under the picture as #4).  The numbers next to the questions correspond to the number of paragraph in which they can find their answers. 


5 minutes

Next, I show the video clip to students which is an introduction/trailer type video that gets kids psyched about biomes.  I read all text that pops up throughout.  They will write down any information they deem valuable or note-worthy as they watch: 

EXPLAIN: Watch the Introduction to Biomes and record your notes below.


15 minutes

Using the website included below, students will read about one specific biome that you give them.  I go around to each group and assign one biome based on the few mentioned in the online article.  Students will read about their given biome and will complete the following in their notes sheets: 

ELABORATE: Use the Kids Discover: Spotlight Biomes to help you complete the table for your group’s biome research.

Once all groups are finished with the research, each group will send a representative to the front of the room to share the information about their biome with the remainder of the class.


5 minutes

Lastly, as an exit ticket style activity, students individually reflect on the following prompt:

EVALUATE: What is a biome and how is it different than a habitat?

What is a Biome?