Engage - How Can We Help Endangered Species?

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Students will engage in a preliminary investigation of how people can help animals that are not adapting well to environmental changes, such as habitat loss.

Big Idea

An understanding of species success or failure to adapt to a changing environment is the foundation of developing solutions to assist endangered species.

Guiding Questions

5 minutes

Overall Guiding Questions for this Unit:  

What causes some animals to become endangered and others to adapt and survive?

What can be done to mediate for the animal species that don't respond well to loss of habitat?  What are the geographic, ecological, social, economic, and engineering challenges in creating these new habitats?

Researching an Endangered Animal - Example

30 minutes

I go through an example of basic animal note-taking with the entire class.  I selected the Kanab ambersnail because it's an endangered animal in Arizona, where we live, and also because I wanted them to think about animals other than mammals.  

I remind them that we are taking notes, not writing yet, and that we are taking down key details about the animal with a special emphasis on what we would need to know if we were creating an alternative habitat (zoo environment) for the animal.  

We took notes from the Arizona Fish & Game Department site,  the Grand Canyon National Park Service site,  and one additional site.

Explore - Researching an Endangered Species

45 minutes

Students will choose an endangered or threatened species to research for this project and will fill out this Endangered Animal Research Organizer  with key information about their species.  

Here is an example of one student's completed work: