Writing About Recreational Users and Dams

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SWBAT share the findings of their research on the perspective of recreational users in writing.

Big Idea

Writing about research helps students convey their findings.


10 minutes

Before students can write about the perspective of a stakeholder, they must have a thorough understanding of the issue. To this end, I begin the lesson by asking my students to review the notes that they took during their research in the previous lesson. This helps students to activate the knowledge they recently constructed on this topic. As students review their notes, I ask them to share their thinking with a peer partner. Sharing aloud activates another sense and helps students better integrate the new information they have learned. 

Independent Writing

30 minutes

Next, I review the expectations for a paragraph that explains a stakeholder persepective using the paragraph outline. I talk students through the types of sentences they will create. They begin by adding an intriductory sentence to the center box. This sentence should explain the persepctive of the stakeholder. The students then need to support their sentence with three sentences which explain the reasons for the stakeholder's opinion. To find these reasons, students need to look back at their research notes. Finally, the students add a concluding sentence which summarizes their findings about this stakeholder.


A photo of a completed paragraph can be found here and a video of a student sharing their paragraph can be found here.