Presenting a Persuasive Argument- Children Can Change the World

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Students will present their ideas about how to solve an environmental problem involving natural resource use and loss of gorilla habitat.

Big Idea

Students can use their knowledge to take action on important issues.


60 minutes

As my students were working on the final versions of their posters and "storyboarding" their multi-media presentations, our school had a visit from Congressman Raul Grijalva.  The students from my class that were selected to attend told him, and the other students in attendance, about their project.  It was a powerful opportunity for them to see that their effort and commitment to do something to help an animal that can't survive habitat loss was meaningful to a person whose life is dedicated to making positive changes for our country.  A group of 7 students worked in a collaborative document to write a follow-up letter to his office, Dear Congressman Grijalva, and they also created this ScreenChomp.

It is not common to have a congressman or congresswoman visit a school and there are other ways to replicate this experience.  When  teach this lesson again next year, I will support students in emailing or calling local officials to spread the word about their project.  Additionally, I will provide opportunities for them to speak to administrators and other significant people within the school and school district.  Finally, I will encourage them to speak to local community groups.