Fuels and Technologies Used to Produce Light and Heat

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Students will be able to identify fuels and technology for producing light and heating homes or schools.

Big Idea

Students will tour the boiler room with the building service manager to learn how fuel produces light and heat for the school.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin this lesson with a class discussion. I will ask the students to join me on the carpet with their science journals. I will ask them to record answers to the following questions:

How does light and heat get from where they are produced to where people want or need them?

How does light and heat get into our classroom and where does light and heat come from?

How are light and heat produced that reaches our classroom?

I will encourage students to take intellectual risks as they record their answers in their journals. This promotes a classroom culture that is comforting welcoming to new ideas. Once students are complete, I will ask for volunteers to share their thinking. 


25 minutes

To begin the explore section, I will instruct students to draw a line beneath their responses in their science journals. This will serve as the Line of Learning. This strategy allows the students to identify their initial thoughts and compare them to what they learned after the lesson was taught. Students are able to monitor their progress throughout the school year as they reflect on what they have learned.

I will inform students that we will be touring  the boiler room with the building service manager to get the answers to the questions posed during the warm up section.

Next, we will transition to the building service manager's office and she will escort us on a tour of the boiler room, as well as our classroom to identify where the heat comes from within our classroom.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

At the conclusion of the tour given by the building service manager, I will provide time for the students to reflect and revise their ideas to the initial questions asked at the beginning of the lesson. I will distribute the Fuels and Technologies Used to Produce Light and Heat Resource Sheet. I will allow the students the opportunity to illustrate their observations of the boiler room.

I will encourage the students to share what changes they made to their ideas about light and heating technology and how it effects our classroom. I will also ask them to share their opinions on how the tour and learning accurate information helped to improve their initial ideas.