Fuels to Produce Light and Heat

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Students will be able to identify fuels used to produce light and to heat homes and schools.

Big Idea

Students will view a collection of images that display how fuels are used to produce light and heat.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin this lesson with a classroom discussion. I will ask students to predict where they think the light and heat come from that heat and light our classroom. I will also ask the students to predict what fuel sources are used to produce our electricity and heat. I will encourage the students to share their ideas and to take intellectual risks.


25 minutes

To begin the exploration section of the lesson, I will engage students in viewing the informational resource Energy at Work by Mary Beth Span. This resource explains fuels that are used to produce electricity, heat, and lights for homes and school buildings. I will also display a collection of photos to further enhance the students understanding. As a whole group, we will discuss the images in the collection and how they produce heat.

Allowing the students to view the photos gives them the opportunity to make further connections to aid in understanding the text. This strategy is especially beneficial to visual learners because it provides an additional resource to assist the students in understanding the content.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To conclude the lesson, students will complete the I Used to Think, but Now I Know organizer. I chose this organizer at the close of the lesson because it serves as a check in with the students to determine growth from the beginning of the lesson to the end. Students are able to identify their original thinking and compare it to what they have learned. This particular organizer also serves as a grading and reporting tool to determine proficiency regarding the content that was taught within the lesson. Once the students complete the organizer, they will be given the opportunity to share.