Heat through Electricity

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Students will be able to identify objects that produce heat through electricity.

Big Idea

Students to examine images on a concept placemat to make the connection of heat and electricity.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin the lesson by engaging the students in viewing a concept placemat. I will ask students to try to make a connection based on the pictures on the placemat. I will allow time for the students to share their connections with an elbow partner. To encourage their thinking, as they are sharing ideas, I will ask students to begin with trying to find connections between two objects, then three, etc. 

Once students have discussed their ideas, I will provide students the opportunity to share out. I am expecting the students to identify that the objects are metal, they are things in their homes, they produce heat, and/or they all use electricity.

I will have students share why they believe I chose these particular images for the concept placemat. I will explain to the students that friction is not the only way to produce heat. Heat can also be produced through electricity and wires. All the pictures on the concept placemat require electricity to produce heat. 


25 minutes

To begin the explore section, I will ask students to generate a list in their science journals of other objects that produce heat through electricity. I will engage students in sharing their list, while encouraging them to be additive and not repetitive. As students share their lists, I will generate a master list on the promethean board titled, Objects that Produce Heat Through Electricity.

Once we have completed our master list, I will allow the students to discuss with their peers their thoughts on the list we created. This peer discourse helps to develop a classroom culture where new ideas and conversations are welcome among the students.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To conclude the lesson, students will share any new ideas that they were not aware of. 

Students will complete the exit card. The exit card will serve as a data point to determine proficiency among students.