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SWBAT share their findings and respond to the findings of others using speaking and listening skills.

Big Idea

Students share their position papers on dams in the stream. Students respond to the arguments of others.

Preparation for Showcase

60 minutes

To celebrate the students' achievements in creating a position paper on dams, I organize a showcase as a culminating event. I invite parents and students from other grades to visit our school and learn about our student's positions on dams.

Because it is not feasible to hear every student read their paper aloud, I ask students to create a poster summarizing their findings. I ask students to create a slogan summarizing their position. I also ask students to include a graphic or text to summarize the position of each stakeholder (salmon, power companies, recreational users) that they studied in this unit. The posters serve two purposes. First, the poster is a visual display students can use to share their learning with others. Second, the poster is a second way for students to show all that they have learned.

Samples of student posters can be found here, here, here, and here.

This lesson is long and can be split into two days. If you choose to split the lesson into two days, this is the logical place to end day one.


60 minutes

To prepare for the showcase, I invite parents and other classes to attend. I set up the classroom so that each student has a presentation station (their desk) arranged in a circle.

On the day of the showcase, I ask each student to share their poster and to interact with the people who come by their station to see their work.

A video of two students presenting their work can be found here.