Let's Shed Some Light: An Assessment

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Students will be able to identify properties of light energy through viewing and interacting with skits created by their peers.

Big Idea

In this lesson, I am paying attention to the way my students assess skits in order to recall information learned in our light energy unit. I will also be able to assess any misconceptions during this unit assessment.

Mini Lesson

10 minutes

During yesterday's session, student teams evaluated a light energy fact, brainstormed ideas to communicate this knowledge, and began practicing silent skits for their peers to view. 

Today, I will remind them that their task is to get their silent skit filmed and ready for their peer's to view and guess.  During this time, they should watch each clip and revise if necessary.  They will have 10 minutes to prepare and then we will begin the presentations. 

Active Engagement

25 minutes

This team was acting out the fact that an opaque object (the chair) blocks all light (the colored paper represents the light ray). I just videoed this to show you how creative the students can be! This team kept revising their shot because the student was not moving in a straight light toward the object.  During the viewing, the class giggled and guessed correctly.  Mission accomplished!


The skit the students are discussing below was very creative.  The boy stood on a chair with his hands raised to represent the sun.  Then he jumped straight down off of the chair and picked up a plastic bottle and motioned his arm like it was passing through the plastic.  Listen to how the class defends what they think the fact might be.  Students must categorize facts, use precise vocabulary terms, and eliminate facts that don't match the actions.  This is rigorous work. 

This team struggled to figure out a way to act out their fact.  I think they did a great job thinking of something in the real world that is translucent and then using that to guide their skit.  Can you tell what they are doing?  

Yep, putting on a pair of sunglasses and making the fact that translucent material only block some light have relevance in the real world. 

The class was challenged with this video, but by working together and a few prompts by me, they were able to get it.  What I loved about this was how the students worked with vocabulary terms and really tried to make sense of the situation. 


Sharing and Reflections

15 minutes

After all of the skits were viewed and identified, I will the students to share with me what they thought of taking an assessment in this manner, rather than one written out.  I also will ask them to consider what their favorite skit was and what, if anything was tricky. 

Following their verbal responses, I will pass out a document called My Reflection (get it?) On Light, which will be used as an exit ticket and further documentation for me.  

You will notice the various levels of reflection in the student samples 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Each student was able to recall a fact, but their ability to communicate more deeply varies.  This is good feedback for me and lets me know that in our next unit, we will need to do some more written work to communicate knowledge.