Severe Weather Projects

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SWBAT to create a safety brochure about a specific kind of severe weather (hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes and thunderstorms)

Big Idea

In this research project, students focus on one specific type of severe weather and create an informational pamphlet.

Teacher Tip

5 minutes

This lesson is designed for students to spend 1-2 class periods researching a specific type of severe weather: hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and thunderstorms.  Students will need a device with internet access in order to complete the assignment. This could be given as an independent, over break project or can be done in class. This lesson is the culmination of addressing NGSS standard MS-ESS2-5.  Students are also working on W6.2 and W6.2b as they are writing informational text to a specific audience.  They are responsible for summarizing information from internet sources and conveying it in a way that makes sense. To prepare, make copies of the student notes sheet to guide your students through the process. I put the project website links onto a format such as google classroom so that students only have to click on the link instead of typing it themselves into the browser. 

The Project

60 minutes

Students complete the project by first researching using the links for their specific type of severe weather.  They complete the student notes sheet in order to organize their information.  When they are finished with all research, they will begin the pamphlet. 

When all students have completed the pamphlet, I set up a sort of "gallery" style walk where students will view and read others' projects.  Walk through the "gallery" samples here: student work sample, student work sample 2, student work sample 3, student work sample 4.

For more information on the graphic organizer for the research portion, watch the clip below. 

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