Weather 101

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SWBAT identify characteristics of weather through a video clip analysis.

Big Idea

By creating a vocabulary wheel, students will reinforce their newly learned weather vocabulary in this lesson.


5 minutes

Teacher Tip: This lesson is intended for students to gain insight into the academic language necessary for a weather unit.  They will preview some of the vocabulary are create a vocabulary wheel that will help them to understand the words.  L6.6 is addressed during this lesson as students are working to incorporate grade appropriate language. 

To begin the lesson, students are asked to think about the word "weather" and what it means to them- where have they heard it? what do they know about it?, etc. They will independently respond to the following prompt in their student notes sheet

ENGAGE: What is “weather?”

After 3-4 minutes, I ask a few students to share their responses with the class. 


10 minutes

Next, students will watch a video clip to preview the main vocabulary related to the weather unit.  Before watching, I read the words aloud to them from the notes sheet, having them repeat the words after me.  They will take notes on the words as they are mentioned in the video.  Show the video one time all the way through and then show a second time, stopping at the definitions and giving students a chance to record them in their notes sheets: 

EXPLORE: Watch the Weather* video and complete the vocabulary below.




What happens to the humidity in the air if the

temperature becomes colder?


High Pressure-

Low Pressure-


*The video is from, which is a subscription based service.  You could substitute the video for something else that recognizes the above words or words you choose to focus on for a weather unit. 


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15 minutes

Now the students will use their notes to create a vocabulary wheel that they can use as a reference throughout the unit.  They will follow the procedure below as written on their notes sheet: 

EVALUATE: Create a Vocabulary Wheel

  1. Write the word “weather” in the center circle

  2. In each of the spaces, write one of the 6 vocabulary words

  3. In each space, write the definition from your notes and draw a picture that helps you remember the meaning of the word.

The vocabulary graphic organizer can be accessed here. 

It may be helpful to show your students a few finished products for modeling purposes: student work sample 1 and student work sample 2.