Volume Mastery Assessment (Day 2)

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SWBAT demonstrate mastery of the skills required to calculate the volumes of cones, cylinders, and spheres.

Big Idea

Students are given choices to answer written response questions including higher order thinking problems.


5 minutes

Today my students will complete Part 2 of our Volume Unit Assessment. Yesterday was a partner assessment. I add a new wrinkle to Part 2 of the Assessment as well. Today I will give students a choice in each part of the exam. Students have options in each part of the exam giving them more opportunities to demonstrate learning.

The exam is divided into four sections. Each section is titled with a color. The white and blue sections are intended to be less challenging than the green and red sections. My students are to answer 2 of the 3 problems in each section of the exam. For the assessment, they must answer a total of 8 problems. 

Before we begin the test I stress the fact that I want to see all of the work that my students complete as they complete each problem. I will also remind my students that they should write complete sentences when answering questions. To help my students get a sense of what I mean, I give students a few minutes to look over the PROFICIENCY RUBRIC. I will use the rubric when I correct the exam (See my Scoring Rubric reflection for more on this tool).

The Test

45 minutes

Before I hand each student a copy of Test on Volume I write all volume formulas on the board. I also ask students to take out their calculators. I inform students that they should round answers to the nearest tenth. Finally, I remind all students that they are to answer only 2 of the 3 questions in each section of the exam. I write this information on the board as well!