Energy Review Day

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Students will be able to complete conceptual and computational problems related to work, power, energy and conservation of energy.

Big Idea

A review day for students to pull all of the concepts of work, power, energy and conservation of energy together.

Energy Unit Vocabulary Word Sort

10 minutes

The goal of this lesson is to give students an additional day to review for the test in the next lesson. The review today covers both conceptual and computational aspects and focuses on a review of all of the learning targets. Students use the models that they developed throughout the unit particularly with conservation of energy (SP2) as well as computational thinking to solve problems (SP5) to help them accomplish HS-PS3-1. Additionally, students explain their thinking through qualitative problems (SP6) to help them accomplish HS-PS3-2.

To start out class, I have students complete an Energy Word Sort. The word sort includes the vocabulary words, the definition, the equation and units. I ask students to work as pairs to complete the word sort. As students are working, I tell them to line up the vocabulary words in the top row (work, power, kinetic energy, etc) and then put the definitions and equations underneath each matching vocabulary word column. For example, if work is the vocabulary word, then the cards placed in that column would be "force applied over a distance" and "W=Fxd".

I walk around while students are completing this activity to check and make sure each partner is helping. When students are done, I have them call me over so I can check if they are correct. If they are not correct, I tell them one column that has an incorrect card and then they have to fix it and call me back over. I do this so they can try to figure out where their mistake is at. 

Energy Review Sheet

50 minutes

After students have completed the word sort, I give them a majority of the period to focus on completing the Energy Review Sheet. The review sheet covers all of the learning targets and ranges from one step work and energy problems to multi-step conservation of energy problems as well as questions asking about relationships between variables and qualitative conservation of energy. I want to give my students time in class to work on this review sheet because the test is not their only summative grade; they also have the roller coaster project. For both the test and the roller coaster project my students need to understand the conceptual and mathematical concepts in order to be successful.

I allow students to choose one partner to work with on the review packet. Since they are working with someone that of their choice, I tell them that if they are off task I will separate them and they will work by themselves. I want students to be able to choose since they have been working so much with their table groups and sometimes they are more productive when they work with someone they want to work with. As pairs are working I walk around to monitor conversations and if students are on task as well as to answer questions as they are working. I give them most of the period because I want them to be able complete most if not all of the review packet in class. At the end of their work time, I tell them that the answers to the review sheet are posted on my website; students can check their work to see how they did.