1. I Wonder About Magnets

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Ask and generate at least two questions about magnets that can be investigated.

Big Idea

Some of the best ideas come from just wondering how things work and what would happen if...


1 minutes

Warm up

5 minutes

Magnets are such a common item in our lives, that for this unit, I decided to start with my students just generating questions about magnets. I engaged my students with one simple question, " I always wondered about magnets have you?"



Guided practice

10 minutes

For the first part of this activity, my students worked in groups of two in order for them to think-pair-share. I also used a PowerPoint, I wonder...to ensure that we were all following the same guidelines when generating questions. Students were each given a post-it  note on which they wrote at least one or two  I wonder.. questions and shared it with their partner. Here are two sample questions Are bigger magnets stronger? and Do magnets work in water? The most difficult part of this activity is stopping students from sharing what they "think" may be the answer with each other. Here's an example of a student screaming NO when another student tries to give his explanation of a question.


20 minutes

After the think-pair-share, students groups are increased to groups of four. They share their wonderings and were surprised when other students had similar questions. We then made a class list of six Magnet wonderings based on the most popular choices, and some that they thought just sounded interesting, for example, "do magnets work in water?" Here are some examples of their Magnet Post-it I wonder Questions

Class Discussion/Wrap Up

10 minutes

This activity was very successful. Generating questions provided a really nice balance because everyone was engaged no matter their ability level.The NGSS wants students to be able to generate leading and "testable" questions. I find that by dedicating one lesson per unit to this activity my students have gained the confidence level they need to be able to meet this standard. In preparation for our next lesson, for homework, my students completed an organizer, What I know about magnets_How I've Seen them used.