Heat Through Burning!

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Students will be able to identify objects that produce heat through burning.

Big Idea

Students will be able to classify objects that have common attributes using a comparison circle. They will analyze the relationships of the objects to determine that they all produce heat through burning.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin this lesson by giving the students a picture splash with many different objects. The objects in the picture splash will include: a candle, a charcoal grill, matches, a gas stove, a log fire, a curling iron, a winter coat, a thermos and a thumbtack. I will ask the students to take a look at the picture splash and think about how they can classify the items based on common attributes. I will inform the students that I have already selected a classification of the items and I challenge them to figure it out. 


25 minutes

During the Explore Section of the lesson, I will distribute the comparison circle to the students to aid as a tool to help them sort the pictures. I will inform students that they will use the comparison circle to sort the items. Items with the same attributes will go inside of the circle and the others will remain outside of the circle. Students may cut out the pictures from the picture splash, or they can record the items name in the comparison circle. 

As students work, I will observe the students and guide their placements by answering yes or no questions. As the students place more objects in the comparison circle, I will ask them to share what they believe the items have in common. I will ask them to explain how are the objects different from the objects that do not belong in the circle. 

I will guide the students to an understanding that the objects inside the circle all produce heat through burning. I will discuss with the students that burning is a method of producing heat. I will ask students to think, pair, share with an elbow partner other items that produce heat through burning. I will instruct pairs to come up with a list of items that produce heat through burning to share with the class.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To conclude the lesson, I will ask pairs to share their ideas of objects that produce heat through burning. As students share ideas, I will instruct the other students to list the ideas in their comparison circle. 

As the lesson wraps up, I will lead a class discussion about how analyzing relationships among objects helps to identify what objects have in common.