Electricity and Magnetism Pretest

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SW demonstrate their initial understanding of electricity and magnetism concepts?

Big Idea

What do you know about electricity and magnetism?

Test Development

1 minutes

I created this test before starting the unit by looking at both my state science standards and the NGSS standards.  I tried to think of what I wanted each student to know or be able to do by the end of the unit, and than wrote an item for each of these ideas.  This unit is new to me, so I may not have gotten them all right, but if I've understood the standards well, I should be able to give this same assessment to my students at the end of the unit and see clear growth from the class, as well as individual student data.


30 minutes

I started with this Jukebox video because I was trying to think of something that would demonstrate all the forms of energy mentioned in the NGSS, sound, light, and heat, in addition to motion.  I believe the intention of this standard would be things like using a solar panel to turn light into electrical energy, but this provided students an opportunity to identify observable action due to electricity.

Students called me over to help the most often on the parallel and series circuit questions.  I simply responded, "Than I'll have to make sure I teach you that in the next two weeks." 


5 minutes

Once all of my students turned their papers in, I asked them share their answer to the first question with their table, and reminded them to respond to what the person before them said before sharing.  

While I certainly plan on going deeper, hearing answers from peers is a great way to help students consider ideas they had not considered before.

I have my students add Learning Goals for Electricity and Magnetism to their science notebooks to they know the aim of the unit, and when they get their pretest back, they record the score on this sheet.