Elements of the Hiring Process: Resume and Job Interview

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Students will explore professional interview best practices so that these practices can be employed during an actual interview!

Big Idea

Do you have what it takes to land your dream job in the Biotechnology Industry?


5 minutes

The resume is one of the most important documents any person can prepare when seeking a job. However, understanding what is effective on a resume is somewhat difficult, especially when attempting to guess what an employer is looking for in a candidate.

No matter what the job, preparation is key. The purpose of this lesson is to look through the biotechnology employer’s eyes and consider what these individuals often look for when they must hire new employees. Students will have a unique opportunity which will enable them to complete a 20-minute digital course and practice preparing for a job interview for positions within the biotechnology field right now!


1. Identify the first steps that need to be taken to adequately prepare for a professional interview (i.e. creating an effective resume).

2. Describe the importance of professional appearance when preparing for an interview.

3. Explain how a candidate’s behavior is perceived by the interviewer and the proper etiquette that should be followed.

4. Explore professional interview best practices so that these practices can be employed during an actual interview.

National Biotechnology Standards:

BT.3.3 Develop a portfolio documenting education, experiences, and acquired skills for a specific careers.

BT.3.4 Demonstrate understanding of the career development planning process and the process of life-long learning.


15 minutes

Engage (Activate Student Thinking)

Distribute the Hiring Process Lesson Guide. Students should use the guide to record their responses to the activities completed in this lesson. 

1. The Resume - Review Gabriel’s resume using the Peer Editing Checklist for Effective Resume found on page 5 of the College Summit Launch Workbook. Make the necessary corrections (i.e. spelling, grammar, etc.) and suggestions to improve this document.

2. The Interview – Access the Microsoft Learning Channel at the following URL:  http://youtu.be/ogSJV2IOZ6oIdentify at least three professional interview DO’s and DON’Ts based on the candidates actions/behaviors you observed in the video.


25 minutes

Explore Group Resume Game

* Use actual student resumes that were either completed for homework or that students have prepared for another class or actual job search! *

Scenario - Inform students that you will be hiring one group to work on the design of a marketing campaign that will launch a newly approved drug. You will hire the entire group to do the job. Each group’s task will be to compile the most relevant skills from each member and create a group resume to be reviewed by a hiring committee. "What skills are needed for a successful launch of a new drug?", students may ask. Provide links, such as those listed below, to actual job descriptions so that students can identify the skills needed and create the most effective resume possible! 

The group that creates the most effective resume will be selected to serve as a mock hiring committee and interview the other groups as they present their group resume! 

Job Description #1


Job Description #2


Job Description #3



20 minutes

Explain - “Resume Would You Rather?”

In this portion of the lesson your group will be playing a game of “Resume Would You Rather?” that illustrates some of the hard choices employers have to make during the hiring process. Imagine your group is the hiring committee for a company and have to decide whom to hire. EXPLAIN your selection from the following candidate descriptions:

Would you rather hire . . .

#1  A) Someone whose career objective is to “make bank” OR B) someone whose resume has obvious spelling mistakes?

#2  A) Someone who prints their resume on hot pink paper with little purple skulls on the border OR B) someone whose resume is crumpled, ripped, and covered with a mysterious stain?

#3  A) Someone with no experience OR B) someone who has lots of experience but admits that theywere fired from one of their jobs for being consistently late?

#4  A) Someone who has ten years experience in a different but related field OR B) someone whohas one year experience doing EXACTLY what the job is asking for?

Using large white chart paper, I create two posters and hang them at opposite ends of the classroom. One poster with the letter "A" written in the center and another with the letter "B" written in the center. After reading the description of the two candidates in each case, students are asked to move to the poster which represents the candidate they would rather hire! This is always a favorite for the kinesthetic learner. 


20 minutes

Elaborate – Preparing for the Professional Interview Course

Access the digital course using the following URL…


1. Elaborate on the advice your interview coach, Dave, offered you in regards to wearing perfume and jewelry to an interview. Is this truly a relevant piece of advice?

2. How important is a candidate’s interview etiquette (especially attitude and demeanor) when attempting to land their dream job? Provide at least TWO key examples of Do’s and Don’ts.


10 minutes

EvaluateProfessional Interviewing Course Assessment

Students will complete the end of the course assessment, print the certificate of completion, and save the certificate as a .pdf document in which they email for safekeeping. Review the hiring process resources provided and instruct students to save, print, and documents they may find useful.