Light and Heat!

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Students will be able to identify objects that produce heat and light.

Big Idea

Students will take intellectual risks by answering yes or no questions to guess items in a guess box. Students will then identify the common attributes of each picture and create a presentation with additional photos that contain the same attributes.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

Prior to beginning this lesson, I will create a flipchart using the Activinspire application. The flipchart will include a picture of a light bulb, a lighter, and a candle hidden by a large box. To begin the lesson, I will display the flipchart to the students. I will introduce the flipchart as my guess box. I will explain to the students that inside of my gues sbox are three photos. I will not share with the students what they are. I will inform the students that all three of the pictures share a common attribute. I will instruct them that they will have to ask yes or no questions to determine the items in the box. I will encourage students to take intellectual risks by adjusting their thinking as more questions are asked. I will pull the items out of the box as the students guess them.



25 minutes

Once students have guessed all three items, we will discuss how the students determined what was in the guess box. We will talk about what all three items have in common; they each produce heat and light. I will ask students to share what attribute helped them the most?

I will inform the students that in this unit, we will be exploring heat energy; in particular, we will focus on objects that give off light and some degree of heat like a light bulbs or flames. I will ask students to brainstorm other objects that they can think of that also give off light and heat. I will pair the students together and have them record their lists. I will instruct the pairs to illustrate their ideas digitally using their Google Chrome Books.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To conclude this lesson, I will have the students transition to the carpet. Using the Google App, Hapara, I will be able to access each pair's individual presentation on their Chrome Book, and share it on my promethean board. Each group will share their presentations with the class.