A Weather Tale of Two Cities

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Compare weather in your city during a specific week to the weather in Orlando, Florida by creating a bar graph and interpreting data.

Big Idea

Weather varies in different regions during the same seasons.


1 minutes

Warm Up

5 minutes

I started this lesson by asking the question, "Is the weather in the winter the same all over the USA?' This started a lively discussion of where it's the coldest, and where it's the warmest.This discussion lead us to the focus of this lesson, comparing our weather with that of Orlando, Florida.

Guided practice

15 minutes

I created a PowerPoint,Comparing Weather Data Our City and Orlando, in order to guide the lesson and help my students understand the different activities that would be preformed


30 minutes

My students love using the internet and this lesson is perfect for them to realize that the internet isn't just about games, it can be a useful tool. I created Collecting your data on the internet in order for them to have a step by step model of how to collect the information that was needed. They then took this information and created a bar graph to help them visualize and interpret the data. Here are some completed samples, Bar graph sample, and Comparing Roselle to Orlando completed page sample

Class Discussion/Wrap up

10 minutes

By having my students evaluate and interpret the information that they have collected and then have a discussion solidifies the lesson objective. The students did compare and contrast the two cities as well as make a personal connection to the information. I knew the lesson was a success when they wanted to compare other cities too!