Magnet Play

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SWBAT use magnets to determine what is attracted to them and what types of materials are not.

Big Idea

Magnets will help us build electrical circuits and to understand batteries magnets will help. We are going to explore what is attracted to magnets and discuss why we cannot have them near electrical equipment like iPads.

Magnet Article

15 minutes

Before we begin playing with magnets we are going to read about them. Inside our Foss kit is a book that contains many stories and text about electricity and magnets. The story we are going to read is Magnus Gets Stuck. As a class we read through the story. We then have a brief discussion about what we read and discuss why Magnus was stuck. 

My Magnet Exploration

3 minutes

Following the article, I ask the class to get out their science journal and write the word magnet at the top of their next page. I ask them to write down a few sentences from the Magnus story, these sentences can just be what the story was mainly about and what we were supposed to learn from it. 

I then give each student a magnet to explore with at their desk. Students can then explore with it. I ask them to write into their journal what they notice and what they try to get the magnet to stick to.  

Sorting Using the Magnet

15 minutes

While they are doing this initial exploration, I start putting students into pairs. I ask students to move to their pair with their magnet and science journal. Once they are with their partner, I ask them to create a T Chart in their science journal. They need to write attracted on one side and repel on the other. 

Each group will be given a bag of various items from the Foss kit. Students will play with their magnets and go through each item in the bag and determine where it should be written in their journal. Students need to both participate and have the opportunity to test the items in their bag with their magnet.