Heating and Cooling for Needs and Wants

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Students will be able to identify how heating or cooling technology of food products influences individual, family, or community decisions.

Big Idea

Students will identify how heating tools have changed over time.

Warm Up

10 minutes

The lesson will begin with students using their background knowledge to share their ideas on how heating and cooling technology has changed over time. We will discuss wood burning fireplaces and fans, to the current developments in heating and cooling technology such as microwaves and air conditioning units.

I will lead a whole group discussion about why people may have wanted or needed to change heating and cooling technologies. I will allow students the opportunity to share their ideas.



25 minutes

I will begin the exploration section of the lesson by asking the students, "Why do people want or need to heat or cool food?" I will provide the opportunity for students to share their answers. 

Next, I will set up a carousel brainstorm around the room. To do this, I will post six sheets of blank chart paper around the room. Students will be divided into groups and each group will be given a marker with a question to tape on a piece of chart paper and answer. The questions the students will be responding to are:

How has heating food over time changed?

What technology (tools/techniques) have been developed for heating food?

What technology (tools/techniques) does your family use most often to heat food?

How has cooling food changed over time?

What technology (tools/techniques) have been developed for cooling food?

What technology (tools/techniques) does your family use most often to cool food?

 When students have completed their charts with responses, students will rotate around the room to the other charts to view their responses and add any information that believe is missing.

The purpose of students responding to their questions on chart paper and rotating around the room, is to allow the students to share their ideas with others as well as to gain new ideas. 

Once complete, I will engage students in exploring resources that describe how food products are changed by heating and cooling. Students will explore What is Parboiling, What is Microwave Cooking, Who Invented the Refrigeratorand Who Invented Frozen Food.  

Wrap Up

10 minutes

After we review the resources together, I will ask students to share their ideas on how the heating and cooling technologies we have learned about influenced individual, family, or community decisions about how food products are purchased or prepared. We will also discuss how selecting food processing methods influence people's choices about the food products they purchase and prepare to eat.