Heating and Cooling: Corn

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Students will be able to identify how technology has been used to heat or cool products for human wants or needs.

Big Idea

Students will be able to identify how corn has been changed by applying different processes such as heating or cooling.

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin this lesson with reviewing the Corn Collection PowerPoint with the students. As I display each slide, I will instruct students to try to identify what the pictures have in common. If there is an object in the slideshow that the students are unfamiliar with, I will ask them what are some ways to figure out what it is. We will then conduct further online research on the object to make students aware. Introducing the lesson with a collection keeps the students engaged and it allows the students to use their background knowledge to make connections.

Once we have completed the PowerPoint presentation, I will ask the students if there is another object that is related to all of the other objects in the presentation. Once it becomes evident that corn is the common element, I will ask the students how corn is related to each object. 


25 minutes

To begin the exploration section of the lesson, students will engage in viewing a resource that describes products made from corn. We will view, The Many Uses of Corn.

After viewing the resources, I will ask students to work with a partner and record in their science journals how corn has impacted the way we live today. Students will be given time to share out their responses with the class. As students share, I will ask them to elaborate on how they believe these products were made. I will ask students to explain their thinking about factories might use heating or cooling to produce the product.

Next, students will view two additional video resources:Sweet Corn and Corn. Afterwards, we will discuss how heating or cooling are used to produce a product.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

We will conclude the lesson with students coming together on the carpet. Students will identify and share examples where heating and cooling are used during the production of the corn product. 

I will ask the students, "how does selecting and testing relationships between products help you to identify how corn is used?"