Cooling Down

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Students will be able to observe and describe the changes cooling has on the observable properties of objects or materials.

Big Idea

Students will predict and observe how cooling will effect silly putty, crayons, and apple slices.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin this lesson by reviewing the process of cooling. I will allow students to share what they already know about cooling and how it changes the observable properties of objects. We will revisit previous experiments such as the Jell-o Investigation and discuss the outcomes when past objects were cooled. I will share with students an interactive science link to explore the changes in matter.


25 minutes

I will display silly putty, crayons, and apple slices to the students. I will ask students to brainstorm what they think will happen if I placed all of these items in the freezer to cool them down.

I will instruct students to gather into groups of four. Each group will receive each item pre-frozen. I will distribute the Cooling Down resource and instruct students to complete the "Observations before Cooled" section. I will remind students that the observable properties they are recording are based on what they see as of right now. The purpose of recording this data, is so the students can compare the objects before and after the cooling process is applied. Each material is made from a different substance, and allowing the students to compare outcomes gives the students a better understanding of how cooling effects different materials.

Next, I will provide the students time to record their predictions for each object in the appropriate column.

After students have completed their worksheets, I will distribute the items that have been previously cooled. Students will then be instructed to complete the final section of the worksheet.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To wrap up the lesson, students will transition back to the carpet for a whole group discussion. We will discuss if the students' predictions were confirmed during this investigation and what the students would choose to investigate next after seeing these results.