States of Matter Magazine Project

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SWBAT create a booklet that demonstrates their knowledge of the 3 states of matter.

Big Idea

Through this hands-on exploration of magazines, students will reinforce their knowledge of matter and its properties.

Information for Teaching

This lesson is a mini-project that can be sent home over a weekend or can be done in the classroom. I would give between 45-60 minutes to complete the task.  The assignment uses the magazine booklet template and random magazines I have brought into school from home.  If you don't have your own stash of magazines with pictures, have the students bring 1-2 each for added resources.  They will each need minimum of 15 pictures for their project. 

The Task

45 minutes

To introduce the project, I have the template on the SMARTBoard with the procedure. The students read along with me as I explain the project. 

Students will use their knowledge of the states of matter to complete this project.  They can also use their States of Matter foldable, made in a prior lesson, as a valuable resource for the project. 

Students will go through the magazines and find 5 picture examples of each state of matter. They will glue the examples into the template pages and will provide a 1 sentence, short explanation for why that picture works as an example. They also need to sketch the molecules and describe their motion, as well as list facts about each state of matter.  

This project addresses MS-PS1-1 as students are creating paper sketch models of each phase of matter. 

If review of the states of matter are necessary in order to complete this project, students can play the following game, "vobackulary":