Comparing Science with Legend

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SWBAT compare and analyze how science and legends describe natural occurrences to explain the world around them.

Big Idea

Many natural phenomenon were once described and believed to occur due to legends and folk tales. Using science and folk articles students will compare and analyze these two approaches.

Articles and Annotations

20 minutes

To begin this lesson students are not given any prior information before reading. I hand out the text "Turtle Tale" (Master #3 in the earthquake packet) and tell students to read once and read with annotations the second time through. The article is a legend explaining why the earth shakes. I have students read, annotate, and then read and model annotations. 

This CLOSE reading procedure begins with reading the text through and then upon the reread, annotating with margin notes. I then read the article to the class to model fluency and when I read the second time I model the annotation process. I ask students for feedback on how they did this. We then discuss our reading and confirm our understanding. 

I then hand out a second article on plate tectonics. I ask them to read this article in the same way. When they finish with annotations I then read and model the article. When I finish, I ask the class to turn the article over on the back and write their initial thoughts after reading the two. 

Double Discussions

15 minutes

Using their elbow partner, students will take part in a double discussion. This type of discussion is where students will answer a question but rather than back and forth each person will double up the answer. For example, when I ask the partners to discuss how this legend explained earthquakes, one partner will do all of the talking for one minute. Then the next partner will add and talk for a minute answering the same question. I start by asking questions that are related to the legend and then switch to asking questions about the article on plate tectonics. 

Science vs. Legend Writing

15 minutes

To understand why legends were used, I want my students to compare and contrast the two articles. I ask them to use their white boards to create a Venn Diagram. Students will then work to fill in the circles. For the first five minutes, I have them work alone. I then pair them up and have them work together to fill in the rest of the diagram. Students will then need to write a paragraph that explains why the legend was used and what we now know because of science. In their paragraph I encourage them to use facts from both articles to give their writing more strength. We have talked about this in our writing before and I do model an example of how I can use the article to help me when I am writing.