A Remarkable Journey (Part 2 of 2)

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Teachers will understand the components and strategies underlying one particular method for designing a single lesson or a series or related lessons.

Big Idea

Producing a high-quality lesson plan can be challenging and involve multiple facets but, when done well, can result in remarkable and memorable results!

Learner Goals

In high school I took several drafting classes and, for a while, I had hoped to become an architect. With respect to planning instruction and teaching, I feel that I can still live out the detailed approach to building something intricate and complex even though the product is a lesson rather than a certain "built environment".

This particular lesson has a focus that is a bit different than the rest. From a teacher-teacher point-of-view, I hope to articulate the process that I use as I plan various lessons and the underlying thinking that drives it. In particular, visitors to this lesson will be able to:

1. identify the key facets to my lesson plan template

2. understand the systemic nature of my lesson plan template and how each fits together holistically

I hope you get some value from my work!

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Unpacking the "Template" (video)

Unpacking the "Template"

In the previous section I unpacked (via a video) the various segments that my lesson planning template comprises. The overall scheme is to visually and clearly articulate what elements ought to be highlighted in any given lesson (at least in my humble opinion)! I have included a sample copy of the planning template.

Furthermore, I explained my thought process as I designed a photosynthesis lesson that I recently taught. Of course, you are most likely NOT teaching that topic but I hope my explanation makes clear how, according to your discretion, subject matter, and instructional context, there are almost an infinite number of different lesson plans that could be constructed. In this case, I have included a blank template for you to play around with on your own.

I hope that you now understand the back story to how I approach lesson planning. For any and all of my featured lessons, feel free to print out the template that is attached and use it as is or adapt it to suit your needs!