Human Body Performance Based Assessment

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Students will create a model of the human body including the major organs and systems that we have learned in the unit.

Big Idea

Students will show that they know the major organs and systems of the human body.


10 minutes

This lesson is the last lesson in an 8 lesson unit on the human body. This lesson is meant to be a summative assessment on what the students learned throughout this unit.

I ask the students to meet me on the meeting place rug so that we can go over our K-W-L chart for the last time.  We review what we have learned about the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, skeleton and muscles.  We take one last look at our felt human body and name the organs again. 


Independent Work

30 minutes

After a review, I ask the students to go back to their seats quietly so that we can put together a human body.

At their desks, each student had the parts to cut out, glue and label a human body of their own.  I instruct students that they are to use their body cutout to do two sides.  On one side, I ask them to color and draw it to look like them.  So they will include all of the outer features of their own body.  Then on the other side, they cut out, color and glue the major organs that we have learned about onto the body to show the inside features. 

Students also have a list of the names of the organs.  They will cut these out and glue them on to label the organs.

While students are working on this project, I walk around the assist with cutting, or help with questions as they arise.


10 minutes

To close this lesson and this unit, I ask the students to share their body model with their table partner. 

I ask students to explain to their partner why and how they did what they did on their body including the outer features.