Sequences as Functions (part 2 of 2)

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SWBAT correctly find the terms of and accurately graph sequences.

Big Idea

Treating sequences as functions can help us to understand them better.


12 minutes

I project the Launch Sequences as Functions 2 matching task on the board and ask that each student write 1 through 5 in their notebooks. Then, I ask them to indicate the letter of the phrase that corresponds to each sequence of numbers in Column 1.

I expect my students will answer these with little difficulty. They may not always be able to come up with the sequence formula on their own, but reading how the next term in the sequence is obtained will help the students identify the correct corresponding sequence of numbers. Students should take no more than a few minutes here and once they are done, I call on volunteers to give me answers, not before checking up on students to see if they did the matching. Each time I call on someone I ask that he/she give me the next term in the sequence. 

I end our discussion by asking the class to identify the domain of each sequence or function in the Launch.


30 minutes

For this activity I divide the class into small groups. There are six tasks, so I create six groups in my classroom with 3-4 students per group. Each groups will visiting a series of stations around the room, performing a task at each station. When grouping, I try not to have a very advanced student with two struggling students if trios are formed. The idea is to try avoiding one student taking too much of the leading role. As I go around while students are working I watch out for this.

I place the Station Tasks below on six separate desks around the room with 3-4 chairs per station for students to sit and discuss the problem. Students will take a task sheet at the station, work together to complete it, then take it with them to the next station, and so forth. Each group will have 5 full minutes to complete the task at each station, before I say aloud, "Change!" 

At the end of 30 minutes, the groups should have 6 complete task worksheets in their possession. I may give a couple of minutes at the end for students to complete any incomplete work, but no more than a couple of minutes.


15 minutes

At the end of the Station activity, I ask students to remain at the last station they worked. I call on one student from each group to come to the document camera and show the worksheet for the last task they worked on at that last station.

I ask each student to read their answers for the task and allow a minute for any questions another student may have. Once each group gets their turn, I ask students to write the names of their group members on each of their worksheets and hand these in.