Types of Energy

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SWBAT determine and provide examples for the different types of energy.

Big Idea

This lesson is a fun way to introduce the types of energy and incorporate technology at the same time.

Introducing Energy

10 minutes

To discover and understand the different types of energy, we are going to get creative with the iPads. To begin, I write the word SCREAM vertically. This will be the mnemonic to help us remember the different types of energy. I then ask the class what they know about energy and if they know any of the forms. We have a brief discussion and if any questions come from our discussion, I will have those students write them on a sticky note to see if we end up answering them during this or other lessons.

Students will write SCREAM in their science journal, skipping a few spaces between letters. I am going to go over each letter and describe the type of energy it refers to. I am then going to give an example so that students can add this to their journals. 

Energy PicCollage

20 minutes

Students will now use their iPads to create a PicCollage modeling the six types of energy. Before they can just begin adding photos, I need to model how to find a picture on the internet and how to save it to the iPad. We have not researched many topics on the iPad so I will model how I do this by using the search bar to type in "sound energy examples." I model how I choose a good picture for my presentation and save it to my images. I then clear my search bar and have them search for sound energy with me. I can walk around and help so that all my students understand how to do this step. 

Students will then need to watch as I create a blank page and add picture and writing to my collage. The steps to create a collage is very simple. I have had success with giving students some modeled and guided instruction before beginning.  This is a very simple program and students can trouble shoot with very little guided instruction from me. 


15 minutes

Students will share their PicCollages with each other in an inside/outside circle activity. I will place students in an inner and outer circle. I will start by having the inner circle share their collage with the outer student. Once that sharing has occurred, I will have them switch. The next time the outer circle will share their collage. We will do this two more times.

Once this activity is complete, we will have a quick discussion about what we saw in each others collages. I do not want them to share their pictures, but what they saw in each others. 


Example Hangman

10 minutes

For fun, we will end with a game of hangman or charades. If enough of the examples form their collages are easy to act out, we will try a game of charades to model the different types of energy. If the examples are easier to do with hangman, I will give them the type of energy and then have them guess the example of that form.