Types of Scientists/Engineers Assessment

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Students select their favorite type of scientist or engineer based on their fondness of that particular scientist/engineers' practices.

Big Idea

The contributions of scientists and engineers lead others to that career path.

Performance Event: Student Selects Favorite Science Tool

30 minutes


The students use the dominate scientific tool that their favorite scientist or engineer uses to explain and/or demonstrate why they selected that particular type of scientists.  This assessment reveals whether or not the student understands what their selected scientists actually does.


As kindergarten students learn to share information, I find it necessary to provide the students with a sentence starter or sentence stem.  I say, "I select the ____ scientist because..."  My goal is to get students to use complete sentences when they talk.



Written Assessment

15 minutes


My students are provided with primary writing paper that has a place for a picture and lines for writing.  I selected this writing paper because it lends itself to both advance and on-level students. If a student has the ability to write a sentence about the scientists he or she has selected then the option is available to them.  If the students ability only allows for drawing a picture then that is addressed as well.


I say, "You can draw a picture about your favorite scientists or engineer.  Remember to include scientific details and the scientific tool that the scientist uses."