Soaking Seeds Part 2

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SWBAT Calculate the amount of water soaked into lima bean seeds, draw and label the structure of a a seed, and describe each parts function.

Big Idea

How does the structure of a seed support its growth?


10 minutes

Before I brought my class in, I threw a piece of fabric over the seeds to build up the suspense.  The seeds didn't look dramatically different, but by concealing them, they couldn’t wait to see them, and, of course, exclaimed “Woah!” when they saw their seeds.

I had them pour off the water, and find the mass of the 5 lima beans again.  They recorded their results, then I asked them if this number was the mass of the water.  I let them talk it out until they realized they needed to subtract the mass of the dry beans from the wet beans to find the mass of the water, building computational thinking.




20 minutes

I then had them write a new focus question, “How does a seeds’ structure support its growth?”

I had them each take a soaked lima bean, and open it up.  I told them to identify as many separate parts of the seeds as they could.  Instead of drawing the seed diagram and having my students copy it, I told them to use their science books to identify the 3 parts of the seed, and label what they are used for.  I don’t even give them the page number.  I did this because I want to encourage my students to seek out resources that can help them find answers for themselves to foster independence.  As I often tell them, I’m not going to college with them, so they better learn how to do this themselves.

In Student Notebook Sample (1 of 2), she has recorded her data and explained her thinking well.


5 minutes

By this time, our seeds in the sprouters, the ones without soil, had sprouted.  I asked them to think about what they learned about seeds today, and to use that information to explain in their science notebooks how seeds could sprout without soil.

This ending question as well as the functions of each part of the seed are missing from Student Notebook Sample (2 of 2), so I know I'll need to follow up with her about this.